3 Reasons To Outsource Transcription

Remember: there are a lot of Latinos on Twitter, more than any other ethnic group. But, as I noted in my opening post on the Marketing to Latinos column, it would be wrong to think of Latinos as a single tribe. Instead, think of us as a “metatribe,” a very loose confederation of different groups that sometimes come together around a big idea, a big cause, a movement – and even then, it would be wrong to expect unanimity. The challenge of connecting with the right people is serious. Fortunately, Latinos not only index higher; we self-index more, too. Latinos themselves have organized themselves in a number of ways on Twitter. Start with Twitter lists. For a great example – a true long tail of Latinos, capturing the megastars as well as the newbies – see Lori Gama’s list on Listorious. But this is just one person’s list; Latinos have self-indexed so well that there’s now a long tail of long-tail lists. To catch a glimpse of this – if you want, if you dare – try searching the Twitter list archive on tools such as TLists.