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Worldtech Acquires Statdata, Inc.

By admin / September 4, 2015

But that’s where the consensus ends. A large number of businesses have not been able to move forward with their enterprise 2.0 programs for lack of confidence on the right way to approach culture. One side of the consulting world has spoken up rather aggressively, with the message that culture can be addressed with something […]


World tech Chooses Dragon Mt For Back-End Platform

By admin / August 24, 2015

First, we tend to exclude services and tools that de facto are social, but because they originated in an earlier era, they do not enter our minds in this context. Second, we tend to exclude activities that are not directly related to communications and collaboration, but yet might have value to the enterprise social network. […]


A Medical Transcription Service Without Boundaries

By admin / August 5, 2015

If the insights from the audit are good, an effective next step is to share them with managers in the company. Done right, this exchange of information does several things at once. First, it makes visible to the top of the organization what’s happening at the grassroots. Second, it educates managers on the range of […]


Report Generation (Endoscopy Software)

By admin / August 4, 2015

Sometimes, the mirror takes the conversation to another place: how the programs that a company strategically decides to support might have a catalyzing effect on the entire company and its ecosystem. In the world of political marketing, we’ve learned how a few very diverse groups – e.g., women, Latinos, progressives, conservatives – can rally to […]


The Ultimate Guide To World Tech

By admin / June 28, 2015

But a company may not even need to go there to enjoy the benefits of 2.0, nor will it need to spend much time to get something meaningful started. Best Buy and other companies that are featured at industry conferences as case studies all got started by listening, thinking and supporting.   That’s the fastest […]


3 Reasons To Outsource Transcription

By admin / April 17, 2015

Remember: there are a lot of Latinos on Twitter, more than any other ethnic group. But, as I noted in my opening post on the Marketing to Latinos column, it would be wrong to think of Latinos as a single tribe. Instead, think of us as a “metatribe,” a very loose confederation of different groups […]


Secure, Hippa Compliant Medical Transcription Services

By admin / March 22, 2015

But just finding people who have been indexed – or who have self-indexed – as Latinos is not enough. You will want to know more about them. There’s no substitute, of course, for following, reading, and engaging people to truly explore what the basis for a relationship might be (more on that in a moment). […]


Medical Billing And Collections

By admin / March 4, 2015

To be fair to Klout and other measurement tools, that’s not what they are meant to do. At best, they are about influence, not about engagement.   For that, you might even skip the first two steps, and go straight to the third: joining existing conversations that Latinos are having on Twitter. The easiest way […]

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