Climavert Warmtepomp Ninove

Have you ever considered what it costs to heat your house and the water for the shower, toilets, and kitchen? It is about an average of $ 3,000, - per year per household. Keep reading about Zonne Warmtepomp Ninove – Inexpensive Heating System. The current crisis is basically an energy crisis, and the price will increase without interruption. 80% of the energy expenditure in a typical house is for heating and domestic hot water (DHW). It is of the first order to minimize this cost.

Warmtepomp Ninove​

Heating the house is not expensive now. One of the most important innovations in energy saving technology - Warmtepomp Ninove - multiplies the production of heat by 400%, consuming the same amount of energy. In comparison with any other combustion gas or diesel heater, cannot exceed a yield of 100%. This means that with 100W of electricity we can generate 400W of heat. Or what is the same; We will spend 4 times less energy than with any other system.​

The only consumption is some electricity, and this can be reduced to zero if we connect the heat pump to our system of photovoltaic solar panels. Depending on the type of heat pump we can generate temperatures from 45 ° C to 80 ° C and can be connected directly to your existing radiators, to your hot water system or to a radiant floor system, without any work Invasive.​

The heat pumps are so incredibly efficient that they are replacing all the combustion heaters. As there is no combustion, no chimneys or ventilation tubes will be needed, offering complete safety and reliability without any problems for many years. Substantial savings on energy bill amortize your cost quickly.​

Thermal Solar System Catches The Heat​

The thermal solar system is the combination of photovoltaic solar energy with a heat pump. PV solar panels produce the electricity needed to power the heat pump, and you do not need anything else.​

What you can do with Zonne Warmtepomp Ninove​

  • Use all the heating and hot water without having to think about the cost.
  • Do not spend or burn anything.
  • Do not receive any expense invoice.
  • You can even leave the heating on a minimum when you leave for the weekend.
  • Less moisture, better conservation of your favorite picture and better for the cat. And the house comfortably when we return.
  • Without spending a penny or harming the environment.

​To capture the heat of the sun, you need to use different panels, depending on the needs of each application like low-cost solutions for swimming pools or high-efficiency panels to squeeze every fraction of energy from the sun.

Climavert Warmtepomp Ninove

The Climavert thermal heating system gives you all the comfort. Ask our technical advisory service for the best configuration of your Zonne Warmtepomp Ninove by calling 0477 / 94 49 93

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